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Unit G

Oxford Brookes School of Architecture


Architectural Teaching is a natural partner to practice; each enriching the work of the other.  Teaching a chance to experiment, and explore, Practice to test, reflect and translate conceptual ideas into reality.

Exploring the relationship between site specificity, spatial occupation and architectural proposition, Toby Smith has been running the under-graduate Architectural Design Unit G at Oxford Brookes since 2010 in collaboration with:

Colin Smith (Methodic Practice)

Jonathan Pile (Oval Partnership and Transient Studios)

Fionn Stevenson 


Barti Garribaldo (Scissor Paper Stone Architects)

Jim Ross (Cambridge Architectural Research)

Toby Smith also teaches 1st and 2nd yr structural design at Oxford Brrokes


Prior to teaching at Oxford Brookes Toby Smith taught 1st Yr Architectural Design and Coordinated 1st yr Architectural Technology Teaching at the Bartlett, UCL 2006-2010